Cremation Burials in Northampton, Massachusetts

Our funeral home in Northampton, Massachusetts, offers the choice of a cremation burial. It's less costly to the family if you choose this option when compared to the expense of a casket.


If you desire a cremation burial, we are able to accommodate you with a simple cremation to a more elaborate church or burial cremation service. Cremation is an economical solution for a couple of reasons. It requires a smaller space in a cemetery, and allows your loved one's ashes to be scattered in a special location if desired.

We are able to offer a large variety of service arrangements from wakes to celebration of life services. When a cremation is completed, there is no requirement to buy an urn. Your family can receive the remains of your loved ones in a simple box.

Contact our funeral home in Northampton, Massachusetts, to arrange a cremation burial.
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